This week in OtherWords, we’re mixing food and politics. Wenonah Hauter skewers the government’s lackadaisical regulation of genetically engineered salmon, Jill Richardson calls for a fresh outlook on the relationship between weight and health, Jim Harkness asks whether the Farm Bill has met its demise, and Jim Hightower urges cubicle captives to stop using their keyboards as lunch trays. Donald Kaul, William A. Collins, Alana Baum, and I discuss Obama’s inauguration from different angles.

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  1. The End of the Farm Bill? / Jim Harkness
    We must build a new policy framework for a fair, sustainable, and healthy food system.
  2. Don’t Put a Fork in It / Wenonah Hauter
    Despite consumer opposition, the FDA is one step away from approving genetically engineered salmon.
  3. Dumped by Time Warner Cable / Josh Stearns
    The story of independent voices struggling to gain a place in our media system is all too common.
  4. Why I’m Singing the Inauguration Blues / Alana Baum
    Like Paul Ryan and Henry Marsh, I had a bad day on the mall.
  5. Obama’s Battle Hymn of the Republic / Donald Kaul
    When he tried conciliation, all he got from the Republicans was implacable hostility, unyielding obstructionism, and insults.
  6. Hogging the Global Pie / Sam Pizzigati
    The richest 100 people in the world are earning much more than enough to end the world’s worst poverty.
  7. Fat Demons / Jill Richardson
    There are no shortcuts to health.
  8. Step Away from That Desk / Jim Hightower
    Don’t let your boss steal your lunch break.
  9. Uttering the G Word / Emily Schwartz Greco and William A. Collins
    Conservatives will miss gay-bashing as an electoral strategy.
  10. Fishy Genes / Khalil Bendib cartoon

Emily Schwartz Greco is the managing editor of OtherWords, a non-profit national editorial service run by the Institute for Policy Studies

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