When it Bains it pours
Don’t got no job no more
Why Romney come around
and lay off my whole town?

Bain Capital and Romney
with a steely-eyed glance
bought our steel mill,
then they closed down our plant.

They call him Mitt
Feels more like a boxin’ glove
Sure hurts when he knocks you out
but he calls it tough love.

Says we got to compete
on the global stage,
but how we gonna beat
a sweatshop wage?

They try to say I’m lazy
or call me a slob.
Guess I’ll go to China or Mexico
just to get a job.

In old New Hampshire
they say live free or die.
Die I might,
just ask Mitt why.

Bain said I’d have health insurance
and a severance pay
then they flip-flopped
and they took it away.

Bain got bailed out by the gov’ment
but I’m the one who needs welfare.
Ain’t none of Mitt’s campaign money
gonna pay for my healthcare.

I got a bad cough
and I’m feeling quite ill.
I may have asbestosis
from my years at the mill.

Now I’ve got the Steely Mitt blues.
Seen him on TV.
But I’ll never forget
what Mitt did to me.

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