This week’s OtherWords editorial package is a Labor Day special. Sam Pizzigati casts a light on corporate consultants who recommend gutting the pay of America’s most experienced and skilled workers, Donald Kaul says “the Great Recession has sliced through American workers like a scythe, cutting them off at the knees,” and Jim Hightower laments the newfound insignificance of middle-class consumers. Get all this and more in your inbox by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do.

  1. A Tip for Joe the Machinist: Watch Your Back / Sam Pizzigati
  2. Endless War Isn’t the Answer to 9/11 / Jim Cason
  3. People-Powered Media / Brandy Doyle
  4. The Government Can and Should Help Create Jobs Now / Elizabeth Rose
  5. The Rich are Raking it in, so Where are the Jobs? / Donald Kaul
  6. Mass-Marketing Goes Platinum / Jim Hightower
  7. The War on Labor / William A. Collins
  8. Catering to the Rich / Khalil Bendib

Catering to the Rich

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