This week’s OtherWords editorial package features a column by William A. Collins that puts the Libya intervention in context and a cartoon about a retirement home for dictators.

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  1. Same Old from the Nuclear Gang after Fukushima / Saul Landau
  2. America Needs a Single Payer Health Care System / Kay Tillow
  3. Want to Cut Federal Spending? Go Where the Money Is. / Jeff Blum
  4. Squandering Our Tax Dollars and Ocean Resources / Wenonah Hauter
  5. Why are we the Tea Party’s Hostages? / Donald Kaul
  6. From Democracy to Plutocracy / Jim Hightower
  7. Libya: It’s All about the Oil / William A. Collins
  8. Retired Dictators / Khalil Bendib

Retired Dictators

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