In this week’s OtherWords editorial package, Janet Redman compares the recent lackluster climate talks in Cancun with a car wreck and Donald Kaul takes exception to latest trend in Republican flag waving. Get all this and more in your inbox by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do.

  1. Our Slow-Motion Global Accident / Janet Redman
  2. The Con to Criminalize Immigrants / Catalina Nieto
  3. Enough Already: Close Gitmo / Frida Berrigan
  4. Modern Mad Men, Targeting Our Kids / Kelle Louaillier
  5. America the Exceptional / Donald Kaul
  6. Misdemeanors for the Rich / Jim Hightower
  7. Energy Beast Still Running Wild / William A. Collins
  8. Profitable Immigrants / Khalil Bendib

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