‘Tis the season. Though for this White House, it’s not the season for loving kindness — it’s for delivering hunger and misery.

With a series of rule changes to the country’s food assistance program — each of which was previously rejected by Congress, overwhelmingly condemned by experts, and protested by many governors and mayors — the White House is on a crusade to take food out of the mouths of millions of Americans.

Most recently, the Trump administration finalized a rule that would restrict access to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), beginning April 1 next year, for nearly 700,000 poor adults who don’t qualify for disability benefits and who don’t have children. According to Feeding America, this population is desperately poor, with an average annual income of less than $2,200.

Read the full article at The Hill.

Karen Dolan directs the Criminalization of Race and Poverty Project at the Institute for Policy Studies.

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