Nuclear-tipped Foolishness

The arguments against nuclear-tipped interceptors have salience to this day, and should continue to be heeded.

Too Much is Never Enough: Bush’s Military Spending Spree

Forget that the Bush administration is sending U.S. troops to train local forces in Yemen, the Philippines, and Uzbekistan, and that since September 11th the U.S. has stepped up military aid to Turkey, Pakistan, India, Jordan, and a number of countries wh

A U.S. Cabal Pulling America to War

U.S. foreign policy has been hijacked by a group of unelected unilateralists who seem determined to drag America into an endless morass of brushfire wars to achieve the goal of unrestrained power.

Obstacles to Change in Africa: NEPAD, Zimbabwe, and Elites

Until a strategy is grounded not in the elites but in the ordinary citizens and is based on basic human needs, then any project for renewal is subject to a wide variety of destabilizing forces, not least when elites seek to duck out from the commitments t

Economic Development Under Fire

To understand the resilience of the Palestinian community is to take a more detailed–albeit less dramatic–look at what is happening on the ground behind the bleak daily headlines.

Venezuela: Not a Banana-Oil Republic After All

he conflict between forces loyal to President Hugo Chavez and those opposed to him heated up particularly after November 2001, when Chavez, using new powers granted him by the National Assembly, passed 49 laws, some of which were extremely controversial–

The U.S. Hit List at the United Nations

At the UN and elsewhere, the U.S. has mounted a campaign to purge international civil servants judged to be out of step with Washington in the war on terrorism and its insistence that the U.S. have the last word in all global governance issues.

Israel’s State Terrorism

Israelis and Palestinians desperately need the awakening of the international community’s public opinion and a reversal in the global attitude.

U.S. Eyes Caspian Oil in “War On Terror”

Washington insists its “train and equip force'” of 10 combat helicopters and 150 military instructors is solely intended to help Georgia combat Islamic radicals in the lawless Pankisi Gorge, allegedly a safe haven for al Qaeda militants and their Chechen

A Way Out

Israel must choose today between peace on internationally recognized terms with the dispossessed indigenous people of their State, or face another half-century of isolation with the backdrop of a rapidly encroaching demographics dilemma.