VIDEO: World Bank Protest, Pacific Rim v. El Salvador

On December 15, 2011, a number of civil society groups came together to oppose the World Bank tribunal that is deciding the case Pacific Rim v. El Salvador, a case that may set a precedent for future tribunals and chart a devastating course for El Salvador.

Demonstration Against Trade Agreements at World Bank

Demonstration Against Trade Agreements at World Bank

A Canadian company called Pacific Rim is seeking to exploit gold reserves in El Salvador by opening a mine that could poison the water supply for more than half the nation’s population. Four Salvadoran anti-mining activists have been assassinated during the course of the struggle over these resources. Now, Pacific Rim is suing El Salvador for up to hundreds of millions of dollars under the U.S.-Central America “Free Trade” Agreement for not approving a mining license. Please encourage your friends to come to the demonstration at the World Bank on Thursday at noon.

Prospects and Challenges of the Africa Mining Vision

Two decades after the World Bank took the lead in liberalizing mining codes across Africa, the continent is united on the need to reform their mining codes to derive greater benefits. In 2008, the African Union adopted the African Mining Vision (AMV) 2050, which lays out a roadmap to achieve mining reforms on Africa’s own terms. Under the directive of the AU, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) constituted a body known as the International Study Group (ISG) to produce a report that would provide an intellectual basis for translating the AMV into policy. The report has been produced and was validated at a continent-wide meeting organised by the AU/UNECA in October 2010.

Malawi Makes, Africa Takes?

Malawi Makes, Africa Takes?

Malawi has turned around its agricultural sector. Can it overcome political challenges to become a model for Africa?

Nothing More than Hot Air

The World Bank’s perverse incentives to pollute continue preempting a better, more principled way forward.

Are ‘African Lions’ Really Roaring?

Patrick Bond makes a stinging critique of the recent report of the African Development Bank that claims that ‘one in three Africans is middle class’ and as a result, Africa is ready for ‘take off’.

Ensuring Equity in the Green Climate Fund

The creation of a global Green Climate Fund represents an important victory for developing countries and their civil society allies at the UN climate talks held in Cancun in 2010. However, the daunting task of designing almost all major elements of the new fund remains on the agenda for the coming year.  Please join us for a dynamic panel discussion with climate finance experts from developing country governments and global civil society.