Film Screening: ‘4 Dead in Ohio’

Al Jazeera English returns to Kent State University 40 years later and asks: How could an event in rural Ohio help end a war on the other side of the world? Was justice ever served? How did the shootings affect anti-war movements in the U.S. and around the world?

Massacres Expose another Reason to End Iraq and Afghanistan Wars

The bylaws and directives of this war allow our Army helicopter gunners to shoot at unarmed Reuters photographers, and military convoys to fire on busloads of civilians in Afghanistan, and U.S. Special Forces to murder pregnant women and teenage girls in Iraq.

The Mirrors of History

Members of a prominent slave-trading family confront the wounds of the past and present.

The Costs of War

The Costs of War

Five years after the U.S. invasion of Iraq, observes columnist Zia Mian, the costs of war stagger the imagination.

Iraq: Finding the Diamonds?

The Bush administration is looking for signs of hope in Iraq. But it’s coming up against the reality of resistance.

How the Peace Movement Can Win

How the Peace Movement Can Win

Peace activists helped swing the elections in November. Most Americans want out of Iraq. So why hasn’t the peace movement won already?

Laos: Power Trumps Reform

Without political reform, Laos will continue to be mired in debt and poverty, argues Ronald Bruce St John.

Madness and War

Madness and War

FPIF columnist Conn Hallinan describes how Iraq, Afghanistan, and Vietnam form a historical axis of political madness and military blunders.

The Democrats’ War

After January 3, the Democrats will have to do something about Iraq. Early signs are not positive, unless the anti-war movement kicks it up a notch.