Piracy Redux

The military response to the Somali pirates has only increased their asking price.

War Crimes in Sri Lanka

War Crimes in Sri Lanka

It’s time to hold those responsible for last year’s blood-bath in Sri Lanka accountable for their war crimes.

UN Report Misleading on Afghanistan

A new report gives the impression that the opium trade is the main reason why the Taliban are gaining in strength, absolving the United States and NATO of their own responsibility in fomenting the insurgency.

Talking Points: The Midwest, Mideast, and a New Book on Afghanistan

The dangers of another, even greater, U.S. escalation in Afghanistan are rising; the continuing war in Iraq is exploding anew; the possibilities-but-still-dangers in U.S. engagement with Iran remain hopeful but tense; and U.S. diplomatic engagement in the Middle East is still designed to fail.

Ban Ki Moon and R2P

The UN secretary general has taken a forceful position on the Responsibility to Protect doctrine.

Ratify the UN Disability Treaty

139 countries have ratified the disability treaty. But not the United States. The Obama administration can change that with a stroke of the pen.