Discussion: Resilience and Recovery: Lessons From Rwanda

Join IPS and the Institute for Victims of Trauma (IVT) in a discussion featuring Ivan Kayonga and Leila Dane, experts on the effects of stress on traumatized populations.

Ivan Kayonga is a media person from Rwanda’s capital city of Kigali. He interviewed Dr. Dane on Rwanda TV in 2005 and produced the DVD, The Value of Resilience in Trauma Recovery. His visit to the U.S is at the invitation of the International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies for its annual convention, in Chicago this year. He has won his coveted travel grant for his remarkable creative ingenuity in defining a role for the media in facilitating the recovery of affected populations.

Leila Dane, a clinical psychologist, is Executive Director of the Institute for Victims of Trauma in McClean, Virginia. She is a specialist in traumatic stress and conflict resolution and works in conjunction with the American Psychological Association’s Public Interest Directorate as an expert on violence and also on ethno-political warfare.

Light refreshments to follow the presentation. The DVD will roll quietly in a corner, for those who are interested.

Limited seating. RSVP by email to sena@ips-dc.org to guarantee your name is on the reserved seating list.