Bachmann May Surprise Us Yet

Republican primary voters like weird, and when it comes to weird, Rep. Michele Bachmann tops the list.

CEO Pay Bashing, Tea Party Style

Has Jim DeMint, the right-wing senator leading the assault on federal domestic spending, finally gone too far? His corporate executive benefactors may soon come to think so.

The OPEC of Outrage

Here’s a slogan to unite all populists: No Taxation without Demilitarization.

No Ordinary Cross Hairs

A neighbor thought that Rep. Giffords’ community event would be of interest to this young, budding public servant.

GOP Magic Act

GOP Magic Act

Voters responded to hard times by increasing the power of an avowed enemy of prosperity.

Surprise! The People Speak

The general public doesn’t want to balance the federal budget by putting Social Security on the chopping block.

A Radical Agenda in Troubled Times

In a Congress controlled by the emerging far-right wing of the Republican Party, the winners would be the people who are already winning.

Hot Fudge Sundae Diet

Republicans are promising to solve all our problems without cost or pain.