How the U.S. is like North Korea

Much of North Korea’s population is starving, yet its government pours money into missile and nuclear programs. Such behavior seems to be the height of irrationality. But North Korea is only following the international community’s – especially America’s – example.

Bring the Money Home Tool Kit

Bring the Money Home Tool Kit

With the cost of the war projected to exceed $3 trillion, it’s time to demand that the money being spent on continued occupation in Iraq be spent at home in our own communities now!

Defense Dollars

It’s time for the United States to stop running a post-Cold War empire.

Shock but No Awe

Bush has promised to veto the Democrats plan to bring the troops home. What will be the result of the showdown between Congress and the President?

Think We’re Leaving Iraq? Not So Fast

President Bush is readying the largest request for funds so far to continue the war. Even worse, he’s on the cusp of actually increasing troops.

Not terrorism–China drives up U.S. military spending

It’s essential that lawmakers and members of the public question the Pentagon’s justifications — and reject proposals that would have the effect of triggering a new Cold War, one with the People’s Republic of China.