Making the U.S.-Pakistan Relationship Less Toxic

Making the U.S.-Pakistan Relationship Less Toxic

The United States should work to change the game altogether through engaging Pakistan in new ways, including increasing humanitarian aid and supporting stronger democratic institutions.

Poem: “River, Page”

Poem: “River, Page”

A river can be a lifeline for refugees, or it can be just another line of sorrow in a story.

Bush Plays Shell Game with African Lives

Intended to stave off the embarrassment of coming empty-handed to a summit trumpeted as focusing on Africa, the White House initiative is in fact a cynical move to derail more effective action against AIDS.

President Bush the Martyr

Last night’s long-awaited speech by President Bush was to set the pace for the Palestinians and Israelis to step back from the vicious and bloody cycle of violence that has gripped them for nearly two years.

Emergency Loya Jirga: Strength In Numbers?

Planners have to consider how to make the Loya Jirga fair and accessible to the country’s largely illiterate population, and keep it from becoming a platform for tribal, political, and ethnic violence.

America’s Nuclear End Game

As long as the U.S., China, Britain, France, Russia, and Israel have nuclear weapons, we will all live on the edge of the abyss.

A Cure for the CIA’s Disease

Apparently, the CIA has returned to the policy world, which calls into question the kind of dope it is willing to provide to the White House.

The World Food Summit: What Went Wrong?

While governments seem blind to the ways their policies enforce hunger and impoverishment for hundreds of millions of people, others see this harsh reality with clarity.