Hitham’s Tale

Hitham’s Tale

The military disparity between Israel and Gaza is but the most violent among many.

A Silver Lining for Palestine?

The author explores Washington’s vitriolic response to the Palestinian Authority’s plan to declare statehood.

Obama, Israel, and the 1967 Borders

The director of our New Internationalism project commented on President Obama’s Middle East speech urging for a peace process based on the 1967 borders and land swaps.

Sometimes a Veto Means Victory

Bureaucratic defeat within the United Nations security council might lead to diplomatic victory for those seeking to end Israeli settlements in Palestinian territories.

Armed Sprawl

Beneath the Israel-Palestine clash is the all-too-familiar conflict of development: urban growth meets indigenous resistance.

Broken Peace Process

The Middle East summit in Annapolis is likely to be no more than a photo op.