Has the Rendition Program Disappeared?

Has the Rendition Program Disappeared?

The Obama administration promised to reverse the Bush-era policies on terrorism. But the president has spent most of his time reversing himself.

The CIA’s Lawyer Problem

The CIA’s Lawyer Problem

During the Bush years, the CIA lost its sense of smell. On the torture issue, its lawyers no longer could tell what was fishy and what was not.


Those who have much to fear from justice are rarely eager to see its purifying waters roll down.

The Other Guantanamo

While Gitmo gets most of the ink, the U.S. base on Diego Garcia quietly prepares for a role in staging a possible attack on Iran.

Secrecy and Foreign Policy

The imperial presidency has thrived on secrecy. This unconstitutional expansion of presidential power has helped make a mess of U.S. foreign policy.

Truth, Justice, and the Un-American Way

Maher Arar’s chilling case represents an opportunity for the new Democratic leadership in Congress to show the world that America has not entirely forgotten its proud history on human rights.