Solidarity with Ukraine

Solidarity with Ukraine

The Ukraine Solidarity Network believes that the victims of aggression have every right to defend themselves and should receive the support of those who support national self-determination and justice.

Securing the Peace

The Bush administration and peace groups agree: a civilian corps for post-conflict reconstruction is urgently needed.

Poverty in Africa isn’t History — or Destiny

Africa’s expectations were quite clear: nothing short of a comprehensive treatment of debt, trade and development finance, along with removal of the constraints that have held back the continent’s growth and progress.

“Iraq: Restoration of Integrity”

Watching them blatantly abdicate their responsibility in the run-up to the Iraq War was almost as difficult as watching most of America let them get away with it.

“Bush’s Free-Trade Pact is a Heavy Lift”

While the Bush administration still aspires to ward off defeat, it is becoming increasingly clear that its failure to pass the Central American Free Trade Agreement represents the latest in a series of setbacks for its sputtering trade agenda.

“Debt Relief a Big Victory for Activists”

Observers have often remarked in recent years that globalization demonstrators have won the moral argument about trade and development, yet have not been able to translate their positions into policy.

“Cutbacks Don’t Apply in Iraq”

As the president often mentions, freedom, democracy and peace often demand heavy sacrifices. But plans to build new bases jeopardize these ideals.

“Even Without Accidents, Highways Kill Us: Oil Dependency”

Here’s a radical yet rational proposal for next year: spend the $225 billion slated for highways instead on mass transit, high-speed intercity rail, and alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicles. That revolutionary move would serve the nation’s best