Baby Scapegoats

GOP lawmakers are shamefully seeking to score political points at the expense of undocumented workers’ children.

GOP: Man of the Year

The Republicans hit on the strategy of acting as though they’d won the 2008 elections.

The Hammer Gets Nailed

Reprobate politicos like Tom DeLay have turned the People’s House into a shameful pay-to-play parlor.

Film: Not Just A Game; Power Politics and American Sports

Film: Not Just A Game; Power Politics and American Sports

Not Just A Game, the powerful new documentary based on Zirin’s bestselling book The People’s History of Sports, argues that far from providing merely escapist entertainment, American sports have long need at the center of some of major political debates and struggles of our time. The result is as deeply moving as it is exhilarating: nothing less than an alternative history of political struggle in the United States as seen through the games its people have played.

Dumbed-Down Nation

A growing number of politicians either deny sound scientific knowledge in various areas, or have found it prudent to make their constituents think they do.

Glee and the Dems Get in a Funk

The Glee kids still have the talent, the good intentions, diversity, idealism, tolerance on their side–and so do progressives.

Speaker Bachmann?

Here’s a snapshot of three huge stories currently buried by breaking electoral news.

Tied to the Tracks

It’s beginning to look as though President Obama is going to be run over by the train that is the Angry American Voter.

Whitman’s House

Whitman’s House

Billionaires in glass houses are castigating the employment of undocumented immigrants.

Know-Nothing Party

Attacks by arch-conservative politicians on the Department of Education are flying under the media radar.