The Iraqi Constitution

The signing of the interim Iraqi “constitution” by the Governing Council represents a significant step in U.S. efforts to legitimize its invasion and occupation of Iraq.

The Cross of Iron

With less than a year before the next election, the recent scandal over a sweetheart deal to lease air tankers from the Boeing Corporation underlines the enormous and disturbing power the arms industry exerts on American politics.

Capturing Saddam Hussein: Will It Mean a New Day for Iraq?

The capture of Saddam Hussein is an historic event by any standard. But aside from providing some dramatic footage for global TV audiences, what has really changed, for the people of Iraq, the Middle East, the United States, or the world?

The Axis of Incoherence

The recent capture of Saddam Hussein serves as a distraction from the real issue: the lack of a viable exit strategy from Iraq.

Miami’s Trade Troubles

Negotiations for the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) failed before they ever began.

Spoilers Gatecrash the Iraq Spoils Party

Despite new offers for broader participation in Iraq’s reconstruction bonanza, the United States-convened donors’ conference on Iraq ended in stifled disappointment, with only $13 billion raised–a far cry from the $36 billion target. To dampen expectatio

A Wall by Any Other Name

War and walls have demonstrably failed to make good neighbors in the Middle East. That leaves peace the “road less traveled.”

Bush & Congress Ignore Breakthrough in Peace Process

In what may be the most hopeful development in years to establish a permanent Israeli-Palestinian peace, an unofficial group of Palestinian and Israeli political leaders announced on October 12 that they had agreed to a detailed framework that would end t

U.S. Getting Tougher on Serbia

One thing is certain–America has lost patience, and wants to see the remaining war crimes suspects rounded up. Belgrade and Zagreb have run out of time.

Belgrade Faces Indictee Dilemma

erbia plunged itself into confrontation with The Hague–and possibly also the international community–this week, by refusing to hand over four former commanders in Kosovo whose indictments were made public on October 20.