“The Regime is Gone”–Early Lessons from Iraq

Organizations that might have opposed war must not adopt the position that by participating in planning for post-conflict relief efforts or for new institutions of governance, they are somehow legitimizing the war or compromising their position.

Post-War Iraq: Asking the Right Questions

Participation in UN-sanctioned peacemaking and peacekeeping missions by U.S. military units trained in the techniques of these operations often has been vital to their success.

Cause for Celebration, Cause for Concern

The Iraqi people certainly have reason to celebrate the ouster of Saddam Hussein’s regime. But it’s premature for the Bush administration to join in.

Nine Theses on Moving the Peace Movement Forward

As the U.S. army occupies Baghdad, the peace movement is faced with a series of strategic challenges, challenges we must face openly, and challenges for which there are no easy answers.

U.S. Public Rallies to Bush and Supports the UN

While a strong majority of the U.S. public is rallying behind President George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq, they also support the United Nations Security Council and back multilateral diplomacy rather than unilateral U.S. action, according to a major poll

A Disaster Unfolding in Iraq

The reality is that no matter how brutal a dictator may be, people tend to defend their homeland against foreign invaders.