Resolving Muslim-Western Disputes

Resolving Muslim-Western Disputes

Resolving longstanding disputes between Muslims and non-Muslims requires an understanding of the different cultural approaches to conflict resolution.

The Refugee Child Photographers

The Refugee Child Photographers

Photos of life in Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps by children aged five through 12 give a glimpse into their hopes amid tragic surroundings.

Israel’s Shrinking Minority Rights

Israel’s Shrinking Minority Rights

Israeli abuses in the Occupied Territories have been well publicized. Less well known is the treatment of Palestinians living inside Israel.

Broken Peace Process

The Middle East summit in Annapolis is likely to be no more than a photo op.

The Rise of Hamas

How Hamas grew from a radical minority to an electoral majority that’s now patrolling the streets of the Gaza Strip.

Falling In Line on Israel

The election of a Democratic majority in Congress won’t curb U.S. support for Israeli attacks against the civilian populations of its Arab neighbors.

Stern Warning

The Stern Review has a rather unstern conclusion. For a mere 1% of global Gross Domestic Product by 2050 world leaders can arrest global warming.

Not Just Iraq

The Bush administration is getting a drubbing from domestic allies and adversaries alike for its policy in Iraq.

FOG Problems

George Bush is losing some of his best global buddies.

Clueless Empires

Wisdom can be very powerful, but the powerful are rarely very wise.