“What Now For The Peace Movement?”

In the six months leading up to the invasion of Iraq, the United States erupted in a display of citizen dissent not seen since the Vietnam War era.

“Now Taking Applications at the World Bank”

Given that by tradition, the U.S. picks the World Bank president, this is a golden opportunity to help mend some fences and improve the nation’s standing internationally at a time when U.S. popularity is suffering

“Pentagon ‘Cuts’ Really Miss the Point”

While the administration and Congress begin to reduce unnecessary weapons programs, they must pay equal attention to investing in the non-military tools that are critical to our security.

“Of Oil And Elections”

The Bush administration cannot be permitted to declare a war for “Iraqi freedom” and respond with an economic invasion that turns Iraq into a U.S. corporate grab bag.

“Resist U.S. War Crimes”

Most Americans hold these truths to be self-evident: Torture is wrong; attacking another country that hasn’t attacked you is wrong; occupying another country with your army and imposing your will on its people is wrong.