Trump is Frighteningly Predictable

Trump is Frighteningly Predictable

Nothing defines Trump’s predictability more than his aggressive, Islamophobic, and anti-diplomatic choices for his foreign policy team.

For an Iran Policy, More Nixon, Less Bush

Our future president will do well in remembering Richard Nixon’s approach to international politics, which, while often callous, was focused on clear end-goals for our nation.

Iraq Outlook 2008

The “surge” has been crafted on a foundation that can topple at any moment, leaving its “success” in doubt.

Bad Behavior Brings Good Results

While Cheney deemed Pelosi’s Syria trip to be “bad behavior,” she was actually following a practice prudently exercised by previous presidents, often bringing good results.

Round-The-Clock Voting

Voting can no longer be a civic duty exercised every few years. We must now vote 365 days a year, telling our leaders that they won’t wait another election cycle to sink the country further into the Iraq War’s quagmire.