A Deficit of Ideas

In the SOTU, President Obama missed out on the opportunity to advocate for a progressive vision of the United States and to take on a real leadership role.

Ruled by Rifles

Ruled by Rifles

We have to stop the guys with the guns from making their deranged rules–and fast.

Will Pentagon Be Exempt From Budget Cuts?

With pressure to slash the 1.3 trillion-dollar federal deficit rising sharply, the public debate over whether to exempt the Pentagon from such cuts is moving rapidly toward centre-stage.

The Trillion-Dollar Question

The trillion-dollar war bill and a half-billion-dollar jet fighter engine are connected in a way that goes beyond their status as budget items.

Congressional Briefing: A Unified Security Budget for the United States

Key members of the administration’s National Security team—Deputy Secretary Lynn and Secretary Clinton among them—and key congressional leaders have expressed support for a National Security Budget that would allow the overall balance of resources devoted to military forces, homeland security and non-military international affairs to be considered as an integrated whole.