Second Thoughts

George W. Bush has probably pushed more people to the left than Noam Chomsky.

Base-less Strategy

Ironically, the question of whether U.S. bases being built in Iraq should be, or clearly already are, permanent, is more of a U.S. domestic controversy than an issue between the United States and Iraq.

The Democrats "Free Trade" Divide

“Free trade,” a key issue in the battle for the soul of the Democratic Party, is behind some of the most contentious political debates of our times.


In the poem Possibility, Frances Payne Adler reflects on life after the closure of a military base.

Yankees Head Home

The U.S. Military reconfigures its unpopular presence in Latin America.

The Million Year War

There’s a risk that the United States will never withdraw from Iraq.

Is China a Threat?

When it comes to the putative Chinese military threat, the numbers simply don’t add up.