Making the Invisible Empire Visible

Mention “The Insular Empire” to the average American, and they’d likely have no idea what you were talking about. They probably still wouldn’t get it if you gave them another clue: “America in the Mariana Islands.” These are the title and subtitle of a new film by Vanessa Warheit, which began screening on PBS earlier this year.

Fortress Guam: Resistance to US Military Mega-Buildup

The Department of Defense plans to relocate 8,600 Marines from Okinawa (Japan) to Guam, provide additional live-fire training sites, expand Andersen Air Force Base, create berthing for a nuclear aircraft carrier, and erect a missile defense system on the island.

Okinawa v. Obama

Russia Today interviews John Feffer on the Okinawa bases issue.

Environmental Protection of Bases?

The new marine protection area in the Indian Ocean seems like a great step forward. Until you look at it a little more carefully.

Velvet Imperialists

The Obama administration is hearing, but not listening, when it comes to U.S. military bases.

Brown-bag Discussion: Closing Okinawa Bases

The new Japanese government is pushing back against Washington’s plans for a new military base in Okinawa, the southernmost prefecture in Japan. This is a golden opportunity to radically shrink the U.S. military footprint on the island. But we only have a brief window during which to take advantage of this political opportunity.

Conference: Security Without Empire

There is a sense of relief that many here in the U.S. feel after the presidential election, but we understand this is a time to step up our organizing for peace and economic justice — including the growing movement to close and withdraw the nearly 1,000 U.S. military bases located in foreign nations.

From Okinawa and Guam to Honduras, Germany, Iraq, and beyond people who have suffered from the abuses inherent to foreign military bases have been calling for their withdrawal. People in the U.S. have joined this call, outraged by the damage done by U.S. bases abroad and by their expense, which diverts $138 billion a year from addressing human needs and revitalizing our economy.

The American Friends Service Committee will be holding a national organizing conference at American University, "Security Without Empire," from February 27-March 2. Leading experts such as Miriam Pemberton, Walden Bello, and Zia Mian will share information on resistance to U.S. overseas military bases and develop new strategies for expanding the anti-bases movement. March 2 is a lobbying day.

See this link for more information and registration.

Free Trade Follies

Although Iraq is the defining foreign policy issue so far in the presidential race, China will no doubt be smuggled into the election through this rather stark contrast between the Republicans and Democrats over trade.