Take Our Jobs

Undocumented farm workers have become scapegoats for our nation’s economic woes.

Let’s Get Sensible about Immigration

The Obama administration should scrap enforcement-only policies that separate families and encourage raids, deportations, border militarization, and racial profiling.

Help Wanted

Help Wanted

Help wanted for cheap, disposable labor, or wanted for immediate deportation.

Angry about Arizona

Cities boycott Arizona to protest its immigration law as the state cracks down on ethnic studies.

Baseball Boycott

Senator Menendez is urging Major League Baseball players to protest Arizona’s new immigration law.

Extremely Unconstitutional

Arizona’s new immigration law calls for racial profiling, which is illegal in the United States of America.


Arizona’s new immigration law can potentially destroy families.

Remembering Jaime Escalante

His formula for student success was simple: You need a good teacher committed to working hard to educate and students committed to working hard to learn.