Wall Street’s Climate Finance Bonanza

Wall Street’s Climate Finance Bonanza

An elite group of developed countries appears to be on the brink of instigating yet another corporate handout and big bank giveaway–this time in the name of fighting climate change.

Durban Diary: #Occupy the COP

Durban Diary: #Occupy the COP

A former Central American president proposes that all vulnerable countries should occupy the UN climate change meeting and refuse to leave until progress is made.

Bonn Climate Talks

United Nations climate negotiations have resumed, this time in Germany.

Copenhagen Touchdown

SEEN Co-Director Janet Redman begins her story of the UN Climate Change conference.

The Waste-Pickers of Delhi

The original Delhi recyclers have turned garbage into cash for decades. Now, a carbon-credit-generating incinerator may put them out of business.

Green Market Hustlers

Little green (business) men have hijacked the climate debate. Their market-based proposals are out of this world – and not in a good way.