Take This Job and…

We need to update the Johnny Paycheck song for this era of high unemployment and high military spending.

More Jobs, Less War

We should cut the military budget and use that money to fund our transition to a greener economy.

Jobs vs. War

Jobs vs. War

Isn’t there some kind of law against panhandling?

Dealing With Iran

The initial scenario in Iran turns out to be considerably more complicated.

Slashing Food Stamps Makes No Sense

Congress should get the money for its jobs bill by taxing the multibillion-dollar bonuses that Wall Street bankers are paying out to themselves.

Can We Cut CEO Pay Down to Size?

The CEOs who cut the most jobs are also the ones who make the most money. How can we stop excessive CEO pay before it leads to bad behavior?

State Bailout Bill Passed

Congress showed that it can pass legislation that helps hundreds of thousands of families. But refusal to expire the Bush tax cuts shows mixed priorities.

Want a Job? Good Luck

Get ready for more foreclosures and more kids moving back in with Mom and Dad.