Listen: Afghanistan

After eight years of deafness, the White House is now listening. When it comes to Afghanistan, we just have to speak a little louder.

A Multipolar Moment?

Will Obama’s multilateral resolve turn to stone or will his administration truly remap U.S. global relations?

What’s the Matter with China?

The problem isn’t just with China. Even after the election of Barack Obama, many are left wondering: What’s the matter with us?

Our Pirates and Theirs

Why are more than a dozen of the world’s navies converging on Somalia to battle pirates there instead of sailing into New York to capture the Wall Street pirates?

GWOT’s End?

Even if Obama holds to his word on torture, closes Guantánamo within the year, applies the same yardstick to detainees at Bagram and in Iraq, and eliminates the Clinton-era policy on extraordinary rendition, the death of the “global war on terror,” as Mark Twain once said of his own prematurely published obituary, is greatly exaggerated.

Obama’s Foreign Policy Challenges

The NewsHour online edition hosts a debate on Obama’s foreign policy appointees and the challenges facing the new administration

Whining About Winning in Iraq

McCain and Palin shout triumphantly, “We’re winning the war in Iraq.” Such rhetoric collides painfully with reality.

Art of Torture

The Bush administration will forever be remembered as “the administration that tortured.”

The War in Iraq: What We Don’t Know

Over 4,000,000 Iraqi people displaced as a result of the war, is the largest number of refugees worldwide after Palestine. Between Iraq and Afghanistan, there are 1.6 million U.S. troops (young people) fighting the Bush Administration’s "wars on terror," all subject to PTSD, maiming, and death. Join SALSA for a critical examination of what has happened since the 30,000-troop surge in Iraq just over a year ago with Phyllis Bennis and Farrah Hassen of the Institute for Policy Studies. Their talk will be preceded by a screening of the award-winning news program Democracy Now! hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez.

This event is free. Because space is limited, please register here:

Turkey’s Troubles

Europe and the U.S. should back the beleaguered Turkish government because of the role a democratic Turkey can play in both stabilizing and liberalizing the Middle East.

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