A Deluge of Bad Advice and Statistics

Conflict resolution will not occur until political and factional leaders re-absorb the lesson that each person’s humanity, while unique, is of equal value.

The Torture Photographs

UFPJ Talking Points #17: Actions by US troops reflect the racist demonization of Iraqis that has been at the heart of US Iraq policy since 1990.

Nuclear Dominoes: Will North Korea Follow Libya’s Lead?

The Japanese weekly magazine Aera questioned whether Kim Jong Il would follow the cooperative path of Moammar Gadhafi, or continue along the confrontational, and ultimately self-destructive, path that Saddam Hussein trod.

The Peace Movement One Year Later

One year after the start of war in Iraq, the peace movement in the United States faces an unusual predicament. Critics of the invasion had many of their key arguments vindicated in the past year, as President Bush’s case for war has collapsed.