Making a Statement in Durban

The U.S. will not escape the consequences of racism and colonialism no matter what course the government chooses.

NATO’s Credibility in Macedonia

In Macedonia peace remains elusive, despite the signing of a political compromise between Macedonia’s ethnic Albanian and Macedonian leaders on August 13.

Reframing the Debate on Missile Defenses

President Bush and his Republican colleagues should be congratulated for their call to end our vulnerability to nuclear weapons and to reach beyond cold war policies. The key question is: how should we end this vulnerability.

The Military Occupation of Macedonia

The signing of the Ohrid “framework document” will provide legitimacy to the occupation of Macedonia by NATO troops and the militarization of the entire Balkans region.

Rethinking Sudan

The conflict in Sudan is considerably more complicated than the simple north-south, Muslim vs. Christian, Arab vs. African duality many of those now lobbying the administration present.

Who’s the Rogue State Now?

Hardly a week goes by that the United States declines to sign a world treaty on security or the global environment-or threatens to withdraw from one it has already signed.

U.S. Policy on the UN Conference Wrong

The U.S. could have made a strong, positive impression by sending its African-American Secretary of State, a descendent of slaves, and making a forceful stand against racism. Instead, it chose to send a low-level delegation.

Small Arms Trafficking in the Americas

In pandering to the gun lobby, the Bush administration showed what little regard it has for strengthening international efforts to deal with trafficking in small arms.