IPS Mandate for Change Election Series: The Economics of Inequality

This election season, please join the Institute for Policy Studies in our series of provocative brown-bag luncheon discussions of the various issues in the platforms of the Democratic, Republican, Green, and Independent presidential candidates. IPS and Chester Hartman have a new book coming out at the culmination of this brown-bag series, Mandate for Change, which will put forth what we feel are the best and most creative policy solutions for these and other pressing local, national and international issues.

Barbara Ehrenreich, IPS Senior Scholar and New York Times Bestselling Author 
Dean Baker, Co-Director, Center for Economic Policy Research 
Jared Bernstein, Director, Economic Policy Institute Living Standards Program

Moderator: Chuck Collins, Director, Inequality and the Common Good project, IPS

Please RSVP to Adwoa Masozi at adwoa@ips-dc.org.

A Problem of Riches

Why concentrated wealth and the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us are not only bad for our economy but threaten democracy itself.

The Waste-Pickers of Delhi

The original Delhi recyclers have turned garbage into cash for decades. Now, a carbon-credit-generating incinerator may put them out of business.

High Flyers

How private jet travel is straining the system, warming the planet, and costing you money.

The Rich and the Rest of Us

In this age of inequality, the wealth that should be shared by all Americans trickle up to the rich.