The Trouble With Taiwan

The Trouble With Taiwan

Wherever one stands on the independence vs. accommodation spectrum in Taiwan, everyone should agree that a U.S.-China war is in nobody’s interest.

Next Steps for Independent Politics

Next Steps for Independent Politics

An inspiring evening on “Stopping Neo-fascism & Resisting Neo-liberalism” with information, answers, and opportunities for forging connections to win!

DR Congo: Independence 50 Years Later

DR Congo: Independence 50 Years Later

Intermingled frustration, disgust, African pride, and human compassion marked the 50th anniversary of the troubled nation’s independence from Belgium.

Conference: Congo Independence 50 Years Later: The Continuing Pursuit

Conference: Congo Independence 50 Years Later: The Continuing Pursuit

On June 30, 2010, the Democratic Republic of Congo will celebrate its 50th year of independence from Belgian colonial rule. Celebrations will take place throughout the globe commemorating this golden anniversary. Not all Congolese are celebrating, however. Nor are peace and justice loving people as a whole, who value and respect a more united and elevated African continent. That ultimate independence and liberation of the Congo has yet to be achieved.

Approaching Tibet

The West is seriously misreading what is going on in Tibet.

Tibet’s Dangerous Game

Washington must balance human rights and regional stability in its response to Beijing over Tibet.

Kosovo: A New Versailles?

Kosovo’s declaration of independence is a violation of international law and an example of behind-the-scenes U.S. manipulation.

Strategic Dialogue: Kosovo

Was the United States too hasty in recognizing the new state of Kosovo? Ian Williams and Stephen Zunes have different takes.

Next Moves in Kosovo

Kosovo is on the verge of independence. What can Washington and Brussells do to overcome Serbian and Russian opposition?

Kosovo in the Balance

Like a bad cold that won’t go away, the Kosovo question continues to plague international diplomacy long after it was expected that it would be resolved.

Make Your Own Foreign Policy

With the policymakers who have steered our country in the wrong direction absent from Washington, now is the time for YOU to start making US foreign policy.

Memo to the President, 2020

Although we are currently considered revisionist historians, I believe that my End of Empire books definitively establish that the financial crisis that the United States experienced in 2007 was the key element in destroying our position in the world.

Taiwan’s Independence

China wants Taiwan, Taiwan wants independence, and Ian Williams wants you to know why Taipei has a more compelling argument than Beijing.