Kenya: Postcolonial Imperial Hangover

This article examines a secessionist group located on Kenya’s coast that says much about a historical injustice, yet their demands for an independent state should not be met, according to the author.

The Folly of Mindless Science

This article addresses the conflicts of interest between nuclear scientists and the need for disarmament.

American Culture Wars in Uganda

This article reflects on the anti-LGBT wave of violence in Uganda and analyzes some of the forces behind it and their ties with American Evangelicals.

Time to Recall the Land Grabbers

This speech (delivered before the Swedish parliament) addresses the impact that land grabbing has on peasants throughout the world, particularly in Africa.

The Failure of the Summit of the Americas VI

This article examines the sixth summit of the Americas and analyzes how the event reflects a trend of Washington’s declining hegemony in Latin America and the rise of unified opposition to American policies, particularly the militarization of the region, drug war and isolation of Cuba.

How to Forget on Memorial Day

This article, written before Memorial Day weekend, discusses the U.S. government’s efforts to hide the realities of the Afghanistan war from the greater American public.

Okinawa’s Nature Groaning

This article reflects upon the ecological impact and widespread resentment of the U.S. military base in Okinawa.

Fearful Iran Hawks Flat Harder

This article discusses the latest developments in the tension between Washington and Tehran over Iran’s nuclear program as the Baghdad talks approach quickly.

Global and national resistance to GMOs

This article articulates an argument against the use of genetically modified organisms and discusses the reasons why states and non-state actors have resisted this practice and how they have done so.