War Crimes Then and Now

The only ones the Afghan war makes safer are the war profiteers pocketing billion-dollar contracts — and the politicians pocketing campaign contributions in return.

Fifty Years Later, the Struggle Continues

The civil rights movement unified millions of Americans behind one basic issue: getting the vote. They succeeded. What issue today could unify such a movement?

Does Israel Belong in the Club?

The club of the richest countries in the world is about to invite Israel to join. But does it really meet the political requirements?

Housing is a Human Right

Self-righteous human rights attacks on other countries don’t help mask glaring needs at home, particularly food and shelter for millions.

Ghosts Threaten to Return to Haiti

Development experts are about to give Haiti the same disastrous prescription for reform. But Haitians could still build a very different post-earthquake society.

Genocide in Burma

Genocide in Burma

Mac McClelland, author of the new book ‘For Us Surrender is Out of the Question,’ talks about why the media is missing a major story in Burma.

Human Rights Again?

Washington is once again spouting hypocritical protests over Cuba’s supposed human rights abuses.

Author Event: A Story From Burma’s Never-Ending War

Author Event: A Story From Burma’s Never-Ending War

It’s time the world understood what’s going on in Burma. It has more child soldiers than any other country, the CIA waged its first secret war there, and American money helps fund a genocide that’s been successfully hidden from global consciousness.

The Case for a Union

A majestic region-wide union may well transform the strategic calculus of the sceptics and the spoilers.

Interview with Virgil Suarez

Interview with Virgil Suarez

Cuban-American poet Virgil Suarez talks about the literal and literary bridges between Cuba and America.

Sudan’s Divorce Proceedings

The United States is scrambling to make sure that the looming break-up of south and north Sudan in 2011 is as peaceful as possible.

A Fond Farewell to Dennis Brutus

Throughout his entire life, Dennis Brutus fought systems of exploitation and oppression. In one of his last interviews he discusses his past, the latest attempts of social movements to fight global oppression, and the role of the United States in the world.