Stay Healthy

There are a thousand ways to die and every one of them has a lobbyist working for it in Washington. You are the only lobbyist working for No. 1.

Dr. Toughlove

Dr. Toughlove

Speaking of death panels, check out the GOP Medicare reform plan.

The Care Congress

The Care Congress

For the past few months, IPS’ Break The Chain Campaign has been working with the National Domestic Workers Alliance, Jobs with Justice and many other key partners to lay the groundwork for a campaign to transform long-term care in the United States for our loved ones who count on the support of caregivers to meet their basic daily needs, the workers who provide the care, and the families who struggle to access and afford care for their loved ones. The campaign has many goals including building a new, values-based movement of care recipients, care providers and their families – to change the way care is treated for all.

Game Changers in Global AIDS Fight

Game Changers in Global AIDS Fight

On the 30th anniversary of the first reported case of AIDS, we may just have turned the corner on battling the disease — if we commit the resources.

The Abortion War Cranks Up

Reducing abortion rates requires better sex education and more access to contraception, but many states aren’t on board.

Our Corporate Courts

In its effort to scuttle President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform, the right wing has gone court shopping.

We Must Preserve Health Care Reform

Ensuring children access to comprehensive health coverage is one of the smartest, most cost-effective choices our country can make.

America the Exceptional

Surely the greatest country on earth would have the leading educational system in the world, but we don’t.

Trojan Malpractice

Obama’s debt Commission’s plan is a Trojan Horse that would make GOP dreams of curbing corporate liability come true.

Good-for-Nothing Commission

No sane politician would vote for any of the changes the commission headed by Bowles and Simpson is recommending, unless he or she is planning to retire early.