Attack on Libya May Unleash a Long War

Libyan protesters asked for help, but the military attacks they’re getting may actually create a whole new set of problems that could last a very long time.

The Story Behind the Intervention in Libya

Phyllis Bennis tells GRITtv the story behind the intervention in Libya, who the players are, why this matters, and whether we’re in this one too for the long haul.

Endgame for Gaddafi?

Will military intervention dislodge Gaddafi or lead to yet another quagmire?

UN Declares War on Libya

UN resolution goes far beyond no-fly zone to allow all necessary measures against Qaddafi.

Phyllis Bennis on Libya and No-Fly Zones

As violence escalates in Libya, Phyllis Bennis comments on the choices facing the West, the historical record of how No-Fly zones really work, and why this is not all about oil.