Rattling Democracy in Latin America

Ecuador’s recent crisis proves that a decisive and unified response from the international community can help determine the outcome of an illegitimate coup.

No Happy Ending in Honduras

The Central American nation’s woes continue to rage despite Secretary of State Clinton’s insistence to the contrary.

War in Eastasia

When we conduct military exercises on China’s doorstep, and within range of a clearly unhappy North Korea, we might be unwittingly starting something that we neither want to nor are able to finish.

The Foreign Policy of Baseball

The Foreign Policy of Baseball

Major league baseball and U.S. global policy have both been acting like they’re on steroids. But the similarities run a great deal deeper.

Book Event: ‘Dateline Havana’

Book Event: ‘Dateline Havana’

Based on 40 years of firsthand reporting, veteran reporter Reese Erlich will talk about his new book Dateline Havana. He explores the historic U.S. domination of Cuba and the power of the Cuba lobby. He offers trenchant observations about Cuba’s political and economic system 50 years after its historic revolution. And finally, Erlich will talk about the prospects for change in both U.S. and Cuban policy under the new administrations of Barack Obama and Raul Castro.

Described by Walter Cronkite as “a great radio producer and a great friend,” Reese Erlich’s history in journalism goes back over 40 years. He first worked as a staff writer and research editor for Ramparts, a national, investigative reporting magazine. He taught journalism at Bay Area universities for ten years and currently works as a full-time print and broadcast journalist. He reports regularly as a freelancer for the San Francisco Chronicle, CBC (Canada) and NPR.

Strange Strike

Syria learned yet again with the recent helicopter attack, when it comes to relations with Washington, no good deed goes unpunished.

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