Islamists Bite the Ballot

Islamists Bite the Ballot

Recent elections in Bahrain and Egypt reflect a growing tendency among Islamist groups to turn away from the disruptive and toward the democratic.

Fraudulent Egyptian Election

Fraudulent Egyptian Election

Despite last month’s fraudulent parliamentary elections, the Obama administration appears to continue its support for the Mubarak dictatorship in the face of growing popular resistance.

Egypt’s Impending Political Earthquake

Egypt is gearing up for a presidential election that will likely transform the politics of this critical Middle Eastern country — and the United States can play a constructive role.

Obama’s Speech: Vexing Issues

Obama’s historic speech in Cairo marked a new beginning, but it will take action to translate his new vision into a reality.

Nervously and Rapidly, Iran Courts Egypt

While much of the world is focused on Bush’s attempts to demonize and isolate Iran, the Islamic Republic is forging new ties with an unlikely partner, Egypt.

Desperately Looking for Legacy

George W. Bush’s numbers have sunk so low that he’s decided to embrace not just a single sick patient or even a hospital full of them. This week, the president will be hugging an entire continent.

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