The War on Drugs Breeds Crafty Traffickers

The War on Drugs Breeds Crafty Traffickers

By making drugs ever more valuable, increasingly punitive prohibition policies have only amplified the motivational feedback loop of the very people lawmakers are trying to stop.

Missouri’s Troy Davis

Missouri’s Troy Davis

Reggie Clemons is seeking clemency for a crime he may not have committed, just as Troy Davis did until his last breath.

Governments Kill

Governments kill on our behalf. This arrangement is a form of social contract, which means that governments are basically contract killers.

The Ugly Business of Lethal Injection

Attorneys trying to prevent the cruelty of a botched execution are challenging states’ efforts to conduct experiments on their clients with new execution drugs.

Proving Innocence

It would be an outrage if Georgia were to execute Troy Davis.

From Death Row to Elusive Freedom

An exonerated former prisoner shares his story so that the United States may one day join the rest of the civilized world in abolishing the death penalty.