Honduran Coup: The U.S. Connection

There is growing evidence that the United States was more than a bit player in the Honduran coup, writes columnist Conn Hallinan.

Electoral Hypocrisy in Latin America

When it comes to changing term limits on Latin American presidents, U.S. lawmakers and pundits are applying a double standard–at least in Honduras and Colombia.

School of Coups

The Honduran coup highlights why the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation, which replaced the School of the Americas, must be scrapped.

Behind the Honduran Coup

It’s a mistake to understand Honduras (or Latin America more generally) as driven by Cold War style conflicts between a pro-U.S. bloc and a pro-Chávez bloc.

Thailand: The Certainty of Uncertainty

After a coup two years ago and multiple protests since, Thailand has a new prime minister. But don’t expect stability for the near future.

No Democracy Yet in Thailand

The military promised to rid Thailand of corruption. So far, all the coup leaders have done is rid the country of democracy.

A Siamese Tragedy

A Siamese Tragedy

The recent coup in Thailand marks the downfall of democracy in Thailand. Will it also signal a retreat from democracy worldwide?

Oil Trip

Oil Trip

Oil is a mixed blessing for Nigeria, Liberia, and Chad. Columnist Emira Woods reports on how the rich have pocketed the profits and the poor have suffered the environmental consequences.