China and India Battle Over Thin Air

China and India Battle Over Thin Air

The two most populous countries in the world have a great trade relationship. But, as columnist Conn Hallinan explains, they are also on the verge of war.

Shouldn’t ‘Local’ Businesses Be Local?

The movement has been phenomenally popular with consumers who like the flavor and personality of local enterprises, and the fact that their consumer dollars stay in their community

Ronald McDonald’s Identity Crisis

Instead of endeavoring to reinvent Ronald as a proponent of healthy food choices, it’s time McDonald’s did some corporate soul-searching.

The Big Yam

A review of Brand New China: Advertising, Media, and Commercial Culture by Jing Wang.

Labor Rights in China

China wants to change its labor law in favor of workers and, according to Tim Costello, Brendan Smith, and Jeremy Brecher, foreign corporations are squawking.

Top 200: The Rise of Corporate Global Power

As citizen movements the world over launch activities to counter aspects of economic globalization, the growing power of private corporations is becoming a central issue.

Controlling Transnational Corporations

Transnational corporations (TNCs) increasingly shape our lives as they weave worldwide webs of production, consumption, finance, and culture.