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IPS wants to know what you think should be the next top legislative priority.

A Bold Agenda for Change: Voices from the Front Lines of the Economic Crisis

Representatives from poverty-fighting networks from across the United States will testify at an ad-hoc hearing hosted by the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

The people who will testify come from all over the United States: from Los Angeles to New York; from New Orleans to Boston. They include people most severely affected by the economic crisis, including day laborers, domestic workers, and people fighting the eviction of people from their homes. This event is part of an effort to forge a bold agenda that creates good jobs and advances economic and environmental justice here and abroad.

Members of the Inter-Alliance Dialogue — an emerging coalition of networks representing domestic workers, janitors, day laborers, housing activists, worker rights advocates, and others from the front lines of the economic crisis — will speak, including:

Jobs with Justice: Sarita Gupta and Elce Redmond
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance: Jihan Gearon and Tammy Bang Luu
National Day Laborers Organizing Network: Jacinta Gonzales
Right to the City: Roxan McKinnon, Wanda Salaman, and Melonie Griffiths
National Domestic Workers Alliance: Jocelyn Gill-Campbell

This event is FREE and open to the public.

How Progressives are Engaging the Obama Administration

The right-wing journal Human Events recently wrote that "Obama is a shadow puppet for the Institute for Policy Studies." Flattering and a bit of a stretch. Yet IPS is at the center of the key policy debates taking place in and around the Obama administration on the economic meltdown, on responsible exits from Iraq and Afghanistan, on the environment and many other issues of national consequence.

John Cavanagh and Sarah Anderson have led the Institute in its work to make the economic stimulus bigger and greener, cap CEO pay, fund the arts, address extreme wealth concentration, cut the military budget, and start a larger debate about non-military solutions in Afghanistan. Both are also key liaisons with the 77-member Congressional Progressive Caucus.

As cable talking heads fixate on the partisan posturing in Washington, IPS is seizing this unprecedented opportunity for progressives to forge inside strategies with the Obama administration and the new Congress. At the same time, IPS leaders know organizing from the outside will be indispensable to victories on health care, worker rights, tax justice, foreign policy and many other issues. IPS is helping progressives understand and coalesce around bold strategies for this new time. It is a time ripe with opportunity, a moment in history when fundamental societal shifts can be realized.

This is a ticketed event. You can purchase tickets here.