The Other Oil Spill

The Other Oil Spill

The Gulf oil spill rightly provoked congressional outrage at the perpetrators. But where was the outrage for the oil spill in 2006 in Lebanon?

Jobs Emergency

The best way to address budget deficits is to put people back to work so they can pay their share of taxes.

Climate Currency

When it comes to climate change, altruism and self-interest go hand in hand.

State Bailout Bill Passed

Congress showed that it can pass legislation that helps hundreds of thousands of families. But refusal to expire the Bush tax cuts shows mixed priorities.

Take Our Jobs

Undocumented farm workers have become scapegoats for our nation’s economic woes.

Franken v. Roberts

Sen. Al Franken is shaking up the Washington establishment on behalf of regular folks.

Speculation Tax

The levy Rep. Stark has proposed isn’t likely to wallop your wallet or portfolio.

Shovel Ready

Shovel Ready

Either you’re too big to fail or too small to matter.

Joe Barton’s Honest Mistake

The GOP believes in standing up for the rich and powerful against the tyranny of the weak, but without having its lawmakers do it in public.