Perspectives on Climate Justice: From D.C. to Durban

Perspectives on Climate Justice: From D.C. to Durban

Across the world, communities of color and people living in poverty are disproportionately impacted by climate change. Droughts have pushed parts of Kenya, Ethiopia and Somaliland to near the point of collapse, threatening the lives and livelihoods of more than 10 million people.  In the US, nearly 350 people died in unprecedented tornadoes, with hundreds more affected by floods along the Mississippi River, and droughts across the South.

Bonn Climate Talks

United Nations climate negotiations have resumed, this time in Germany.

Shielding Climate Talks from Public Scrutiny

The Mexican government and the UN climate convention secretariat are investing in security to keep people out when real human and ecological security will require all of our voices.

IMF/World Bank Teach In

In this critical time when the economic crisis has pushed over 50 million more people into extreme poverty, this year’s call to action invites activists to come together in support of confronting and solving:

* Climate Justice
* Food Sovereignty
* Poverty Eradication

Confronting Climate Debt: What the Rich Owe the World

Naomi Klein, Ambassador Pablo Salon, and Michele Roberts will discuss climate debt and its implications for building a movement for climate justice. Panelists will also share their insights on outcomes from the Copenhagen climate conference and what that means for climate activism in the U.S. and abroad.