Burning Our Bridges

Burning Our Bridges

President Obama and some members of Congress think the easiest way to fund infrastructure is by granting corporations a large tax cut on their untaxed offshore profits.

Human Rights Abuses: Taking on Chevron

A new powerful international campaign on Chevron presents an exciting new organizing model for corporate campaigners and human rights activists everywhere. The new Chevron Program at Global Exchange links Chevron affected communities across the United States and around the world to expose the true cost of Chevron and reign in the entire oil industry.  Learn about the campaign and communities in struggle against Chevron in Nigeria, Burma, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, California, and elsewhere in defense of their human rights.

Kerry Kennedy, acclaimed human rights activist and author, founder of the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights (on Ecuador)

Antonia Juhasz, author, The Tyranny of Oil (on book tour for the paperback release, updated with a new foreword), Director, The Chevron Program, Global Exchange and an Associate Fellow with IPS (The Chevron Program)

Paul Donowitz, Campaign Coordinator, EarthRights International (Burma, Nigeria)

Kate Watters, Executive Director, Crude Accountability (Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan)

Steven Donziger, lead plantiffs attorney, Aquinda v. Chevron (Ecuador)

Niger Delta Standoff

Oil companies and the Nigerian military are attempting to maintain control of what will soon be one-quarter of U.S. oil imports.

Chad-Cameroon Pipeline

Chevron’s alleged human rights abuses in the Niger Delta and involvement in the Chad-Cameroon pipeline consortium highlights the need for the World Bank to screen for human rights abuses when it makes loans or investments.