Which Way Forward: Climate Chaos or Climate Justice?

Which Way Forward: Climate Chaos or Climate Justice?

Janet Redman, director of IPS’ Climate Policy Program joins a panel of experts presented by Brooklyn For Peace – Climate Action to investigate why global efforts to stop climate change have failed so far, and what needs to be done.

A Devil’s Bargain on the Climate

A Devil’s Bargain on the Climate

Will the Green Climate Fund – the UN body tasked with funding the transition to a clean-energy, climate-resilient future in the developing world – invest in fossil fuels?

Nothing More than Hot Air

The World Bank’s perverse incentives to pollute continue preempting a better, more principled way forward.

UN Panel to be a Dangerous Disappointment

How much money is on the table to combat climate change, where it comes from and how it flows will be at the heart of global climate negotiations at the end of this year in Cancun.

Debate: Cap and Trade

IPS staffer Daphne Wysham debates whether a Carbon Cap and Trade Policy is the best economically viable method to achieve a sustainable level of carbon emissions in the United States.

Why Carbon Offsets Backfire

With a city motto of “Exclusively Industrial,” the town of Vernon was already a pollution magnet. Then offsets made it worse.

Missed Opportunity in Hokkaido

G8 leaders’ seclusion at the Lake Toyako resort was symbolic of their larger isolation from global public opinion on fighting global warming.