Photo Slideshow: An Act of Art

Photo Slideshow: An Act of Art

I joined artist activists in London for a guerilla installation and performance piece at the Tate Modern Museum to protest oil giant BP’s involvement in the art community.

Tar Sands

Tar Sands

Didn’t we already get our share of tar sands from BP?

Learning from the BP Oil Disaster

Although every major oil company operating in deep water around the world had guaranteed that it could handle a blowout, not a single one knew what to do.

The Faces of Government

Dissing civil servants can shore up and rally pro-business sentiments in troubled times.

Five Years after Katrina

The government’s Katrina response undermined the basic right of every disaster survivor to return home.

Another BP Outrage

Many of the contractors cleaning up after the company’s oil disaster are prisoners.

Corporate Negligence by any Other Name

Resurrecting the Amoco brand would be just a cynical ploy at a time when we need to move forcefully into a new economy that doesn’t ravage the environment.

Bleeding in the Gulf

Bleeding in the Gulf

A huge mural takes on both the Gulf BP oil spill and the Haitian earthquake.

No Drama, Not Even Angry

How would other presidents have reacted to a multinational corporation based in a foreign country using our coastline for a toxic dump?