Whose Coups?

Whose Coups?

Donald Trump says that impeachment is actually a coup. It’s one more example of his attack on the rule of law.

Bolivia After the Storm

At the end of December, the first popular uprising in the region against a government of the left took place in Bolivia.

Deflating Bolivia Hyperbole in the United States

In many ways, perceptions of Bolivia in the United States resemble a Rorschach test on which to project one’s fears, dogmas or utopian visions. In reality, Bolivian political and social dynamics are complex, constantly shifting, and impossible to force into preconceived external formulas. Neither an Andean socialist paradise nor an extension of the “Venezuelan-Iran-Cuba axis of the Bolivarian Revolution,” recent reports perpetuate stale stereotypes and misconceptions and prevent a balanced evaluation of the challenges faced in Bolivia. This briefing will deconstruct one such recent publication Into the Abyss: Bolivia Under Evo Morales and the MAS as a typical case study and offer a deeper, more nuanced analysis of recent developments.  Since 1999, Kathryn Ledebur has directed the Andean Information Network (AIN), which promotes human rights and socioeconomic justice in Bolivia and more humane and effective illicit drug control policies. AIN provides information and analysis to NGO colleagues, the media and international policymakers on developments in Bolivia and the impact of U.S. government and European policies.

Please RSVP to Sanho Tree stree@igc.org  or call (202) 787-5266.

Book Event: Globalization on the GroundWhat Bolivia Teaches Us

Book Event: Globalization on the GroundWhat Bolivia Teaches Us

As the U.S. enters a new political era, what can we learn from one nation´s battle to define its own way forward in a globalizing world? Jim Shultz and Melissa Crane Draper of the Democracy Center in Cochabamba, Bolivia will share lessons from the book Dignity and Defiance: Stories from Bolivia’s Challenge to Globalization. The event, co-hosted by the Institute for Policy Studies, along with Food and Water Watch and the Quixote Center, will also feature music, a slideshow, and refreshments.

Dignity and Defiance, edited by Jim Shultz and Melissa Crane Draper, is a powerful, well-crafted, eyewitness account, of Bolivia’s rebellion from below. Readers will find compelling first person accounts of Bolivia’s historic water revolt; of a massive Shell-Enron oil spill and its aftermath; of a nation’s battle to control its oil and gas; and of one people’s dramatic and successful challenge to the policies of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund. Here too is the story of those seeking out globalization’s opportunities, from indigenous weaving communities to emigrants, transplanted to three continents.

Bolivia’s story is emblematic of the major political and social transformation underway throughout Latin America today. This book brings readers into that story at a human level, through the eye of skilled writers who blend together deep research and compelling narrative to bring a nation’s story to life.

About the Democracy Center: The Democracy Center works globally to advance social justice through a combination of investigation and reporting, training citizens in the art of public advocacy, and organizing international citizen campaigns.

IPS is working with The Democracy Center to challenge the international investment rules that undermine human rights and democracy by giving foreign investors the right to bypass domestic courts and sue governments directly in international tribunals.